–Slater Brothers Entertainment’s Hamilton International Film Festival (HIFF), founded by brothers Wade, Grant and Todd Slater, whose father, Terry Slater, was the head hockey coach at Colgate University for 15 years, is returning for a 4th year with an impressive all star line up of films, charity themed events and parties.

The Festival is set to take place August 2nd – 5th, 2012. The brother’s efforts to bring back top international films, award-winning directors, and academy award winners is based on their desire to expand the arts and film awareness in Central New York. This year’s festival also has screenings dedicated to organizations and charities close to the brother’s hearts, including Thursday, August 2nd night’s screening of the film, Undefeated, where 100% of proceeds will be dedicated by SBE to Hamilton Central School.

Through the Film Festival, the Slater brothers aim to bring a piece of Hollywood back to the area they proudly grew up in and provide a platform to recognize local area talent and advance the careers of aspiring filmmakers. Supported by the town of Hamilton, NY and Colgate University, this year’s festival will have some of the biggest filmmakers and entertainment companies in attendance. The first film will be screened at 7pm on Thursday night at the Hamilton theater and events will continue throughout the weekend, capped off with a festival closing night party and guest DJ at the newly renovated Colgate Inn in downtown Hamilton. 
Grant Slater’s announcement of the annual film festival came with great excitement, “I think I said this last year, but this has been such a fun event for us.  The community has really embraced the Film Festival. From day one, the attendance has been incredibly strong which in turn has made our visiting filmmakers thrilled to be here. The word is obviously spreading because each year we seem to be getting more and more submissions and the filmmakers are traveling from across the globe to come to Hamilton.

Todd Slater continued with his brother’s sentiments, saying “Central New York is a beautiful place. The people of CNY and their interest in independent film has turned this Festival into such a great event. Filmmakers want to go where their work is appreciated and this festival has been able to boast capacity crowds at nearly all of its screenings. It is great deal of work to continue to grown an even like this each year but with the help of Chuck Fox of the Hamilton Theater it has been well worth the effort.

Nestle Purina’s Fancy Feast Brand and Glaceau’s Vitaminwater are the festival’s 2012 Title Sponsors.

Some of the confirmed names and films that are set to appear include this year’s Academy Award winning film Undefeated. The film centers on an underdog football team who look to reverse their fortunes through the inspiration of their coach. "The bedrock of the movie is football," says Coach Bill Courtney. "But what you find out when you watch the movie is it's really about relationships and what can be accomplished when people put aside preconceived notions and selfishness, and just work together for one common goal."

Other films and guests include, Producer/ Directors: Rene Kock and Nadia Soraya Hennrich of Germany, who will be presenting their award winning film Skateistan. Toronto based producer Mark Purdy is set to show his award winning film, Oliver Bump’s Birthday. Canadian actress Cassidi Hoag, whose award winning film, Parkdale, has received international applause will be attending, as will producer Rez Ota and his Toronto based official selection Faithful.  Colgate alumni Paul and Nick Verbitsky will present their film, Confidence Game.  Producer Michael Garrity will present his upcoming release, My Uncle Rafael, directed by the Steven Spielberg protégé, Marc Fusco. The festival rounds out with several other critically acclaimed films shown throughout the weekend at the Hamilton theater.

Friday night, the Slater brothers and Purina’s Fancy Feast will host a special filmmakers reception at the Colgate bookstore. The event is open to the public and several of the directors, producers, and actors will be on hand to talk about their films. Drinks and refreshments will be served. The reception starts at 6:30PM with the night’s screenings will start at 8:00PM, just across the street at The Hamilton Theater.

The schedule for Saturday August 4th includes director and celebrity red carpet arrivals starting at 6:30pm at the Palace Theater, two award winning film screenings, and the closing night party happening immediately after at the Colgate Inn. The Glaceau’s Vitaminwater sponsored closing night party, along with special guest DJ, will start at 9:30 and will be open to all those attending the festival.  

The Slater Brother’s applauded this year’s line up in stating, “the filmmakers and actors who have agreed to come back to Hamilton for this festival are truly first rate. Several have won awards at some of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in the world. We even have an Academy Award winning film attending this year, a film that never made it to Hamilton. The brothers acknowledged they could not produce the event if it wasn’t for their incredible sponsors and local support. Purina’s Fancy Feast, Glaceau’s Vitaminwater, Nestle, The Colgate Inn, Anheuser Busch, Veev Spirits, The Wendt Inn, NBT Bank, Oneida Saving Bank and many others have stepped up to support the arts and what we are doing.” The Slater Brothers wanted to add a special thanks to Chuck Fox of the Hamilton Theater and Colgate University. “Chuck has become like an extension of the Slater family. In all honesty, his tireless work helping to promote this event and deal with the finest details has made it possible for us to put this on every year. His team at the theater along with several other key people in Hamilton and Colgate make it a special for us to keep doing this year after year. We really appreciate his and everyone else help that make the film festival happen.”

For ticket information and other details visit www.hamiltontheater.net or call the Hamilton Theater.

The Slater Brothers launched their branded entertainment company, Slater Brothers Entertainment (SBE), as a follow-up to several sports and entertainment events they co-produced in the United States and Europe. They are also currently involved in the production of several films including the Scott Marshall directed Million Dollar Man, Kenny Gage and Devon Downs helmed, Devil’s Ink, and the John Schienfeld directed, Fame & Fortune.

Grant Slater, a successful entrepreneur and former senior advisor to the Legendary Sports Entrepreneur Dennis Arthur Murphy, has worked at nearly every level of the sports industry and continues to consult on a variety of sports and entertainment ventures. His long relationships with corporate partners, has given The Festival an opportunity to see considerable growth in 2012.

Wade Slater is currently an art professor at the Tampa Art Institute and renowned Florida artist who routinely shows his work across Florida. He has a close working relationship with the Tampa Bay Museum of Art and has lectured at many cultural events throughout the state.

Todd Slater, who was the former Executive Vice President at Philip Anschutz's film company (Anschutz Film Group) and Paramount Pictures, is currently producing several films in Hollywood via the Slater Brother’s banner.

More announcements on the Slater Brother’s Hamilton International Film Festival and Awareness Weekend are expected shortly. For more information on the festival and tickets visit www.slaterbrothersentertainment.com or www.sbehiff.com.

2012 FILM FESTIVAL SCHEDULE     August 2nd: Thursday                                                                                                                                         LOCATION

4:30 PM                    Slater Brothers’ Social (Invitation required)         The Colgate Inn

7:00 PM*                  Short Film: Nestle Purina                                                                 The Hamilton Theater

Short Film: Local Film Camp Selection (Film Makers will be Present)

Short Film: Cinnamon Onion Pops (Film Maker will be Presenting)

Feature: Undefeated (Film Maker will be Presenting)


* All Proceeds from Ticket Sales will go to Hamilton Central School


August 3rd: Friday

6:30 PM                    Opening Reception                                                                                        The Colgate Bookstore


8:15 PM                    Short Film: Nestle Purina                                                                 The Hamilton Theater

Short Film: Oliver Bump’s Birthday (Film Makers will be Presenting)


Feature Film: My Uncle Raphael (Film Makers will be in Presenting)



August 4th: Saturday

12:00 PM:     Panel Discussion                                                                                                       Colgate Bookstore

1:30 PM:                   Short Film Saturday                                                                                   The Hamilton Theater       

Short Film: Nestle Purina


Short Film: Local Film Camp Selection (3 min)


Short Film: Sofa Shannisford Falls In  (1 min 24 sec)


Short Film: Cinnamon Onion Pops (1 min 19 sec)


Short Film: Blue Berry Pale Ale (16 min)


Short Film: Faithful Music Video (6 min 51 sec)  

Short Film: Parkdale (14 min 47 sec)



* Film Makers will be in Attendance to present their films


6:00 PM                    Press Check In                                                                                                           The Palace Theater

6:15 PM                    Red Carpet Arrivals                                                                                      The Palace Theater

7:00 PM                    Short Film: Nestle Purina                                                                 The Palace Theater

Short Film: Faithful Music Video (6 min 51 sec)  


Short Film: The Mark (Film Maker will be Present)

Feature Film: Skateistan (Film Makers will be in attendance)


9:30 PM                    The SBE’s Closing Night Party                                                         The Colgate Inn


August 5th: Sunday

9:00 AM                    Organizers Breakfast (Private)

1:00 PM                    Short Film: Nestle Purina                                                               The Hamilton Theater


                      Short Film: Sofa Shannisford Falls In Love 1 min 24 sec)


Short Film: Local Film Camp Selections (Film Makers will be in Attendance)

Feature Film: Confidence Game (Film Makers, will be in Attendance)


2012 Films:


Oliver Bump’s Birthday (Short) (Canada)

Director: Jordan Canning

Producer: Mark Purdy

Running Time: 16 Min 23 Sec

Synopsis: On the eve of his birthday, a 12-year-old child prodigy prepares for his own funeral. His four siblings all died on their 13th birthdays, so Oliver expects the same fate, unless he can somehow change his destiny….

Parkdale (Short) (Canada)

Director: Lisa Jackson

Producer: Lauren Grant

Running Time: 14 Min 47 Sec

Synopsis: An unexpected phone call sends two sisters out into the inner city streets as they try to escape another stint in foster care. Over the course of the night, their journey reveals the community of their gritty neighborhood, and how easily innocence can be lost. Parkdale takes an intimate look at the complex territory of the inner city, where the right choices aren’t always easy, or obvious.

Sofa Shannisford Falls in Love (Animated Short) (USA)

Produced by: Josh Halford

Featured student film maker Josh Halford ‘s animated short story brings a new twist to falling in love.

Running Time: 1 Min 24 Sec

Shorts continued:

Blueberry Pale Ale (Short) (USA)

Director: Richard Studebaker

Producer(s): Robert Pearson, Asim Mall, Richard Inman

Running Time: 16 Min

Synopsis: Jacob Wilson is a man who loves a girl named Ophelia Bleu. But, due to his fears he has stayed stagnant…until today. After drinking a bottle of Blueberry Pale Ale, Jacob finds himself facing his fears in a dream world unlike any other. Will Jacob finally take the leap of faith and fight back? Winner of the best Florida Film at the 2012 Sunscreen Film Festival.

The Mark (Animated Short Film) (Canada)

Director: Lucius Dechausay

Producer: Lucius Dechausay

Running Time: 7 Min

Synopsis: Young Nanyamka Aba is born with an indescribable mark on her face, which her father conceals with a mask. She never questions the decision until she begins school and is bullied by classmates who cannot accept how different her appearance is.

Faithful (Music Video) (Canada)

Music by: Burd and Keyz w/ Luu Breeze, A-Game and Jahron B

Video Produced by: Rez Ota, Itwaswritten Production

Running Time: 6 Min  51 Sec

Cinnamon Onion Pops (Animated Short) (USA)

Produced by: Josh Halford

Featured student film maker Josh Halford ‘s animated short offers a new idea for breakfast cereal.

Running Time: 1 Min 19 Sec

Feature Films:

Skateistan (Feature Documentary) (Germany)

Producer/ Director(s): Rene Kock and Nadia Soraya Hennrich

Running Time: 1 H 40 Min

Synopsis: In 2007 Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan arrived in Kabul with little more than a couple of skateboards. In this war laden country where children make up more than half the population, Ollie and Sharna soon discovered that their boards drew in local children like an unstoppable magnetic force. After beginning regular skateboarding sessions in an abandoned Russian fountain in the district of Mekroyan, a group of local boys began to join then. Then came the girls. These initial sessions, informal at first, eventually led to the foundation of Skateistan, Afghanistan’s first co-educational skateboard school.

Undefeated (Feature Documentary) (USA) – *Academy Award Winner

Directors(s): Daniel Lindsay, T.J. Martin

Producer(s): Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Rich Middlemas, Chris Miller, Nigel Sinclair, Glen Zipper, Ralph Zipper

Running Time: 1 H 53 Min

Synopsis: A documentary film that follows the Manassas Tigers Football team, a severely under funded and underprivileged football team- who were even hired out as a practice team for more successful schools- as they reverse their fortunes, thanks to Coach Bill Courtney.

Feature Films continued:

My Uncle Rafael (Feature Comedy) (USA)

Director: Mark Fusco

Executive Producer: Todd Slater

Producer(s): Michael Garrity, Vahik Pirhamzei

Running Time: 1 H 42 Min

Synopsis: A desperate TV Producer convinces an old Armenian Uncle to star in a new reality show. Cultures collide when Uncle Rafael is thrown into the Schumacher family household where he has one week to save a broken and dysfunctional American family from falling apart. The only rule- everyone must follow his rules.

Confidence Game (Feature Documentary) (USA)

Producer(s): Paul and Nick Verbitsky

Director: Nick Verbitsky

Running Time: 1 H 42 Min

Synopsis: Colgate University Alums Nick and Paul Verbitsky present this insightful documentary film. Though the collapse of Bear Stearns took place during on tumultuous week in March of 2008, the reality is that the seeds for the firm’s collapse, and America’s 21st century financial crisis had been many years in the making. Via interviews with whistleblowers who had a street level knowledge of the madness taking place in Bear’s sub-prime mortgage operation as well as eminent investigative financial journalists like Bryan Burrough and William D. Cohan of Vanity Fair and Louise Story and Andrew Ross Sorkin of the NY Times: Confidence Game offers an inside look at the first of Wall Street’s dominoes to fall.

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Thanks for posting the information about Hamilton International Film festival. I liked their objective behind the festival i.e. to expand the arts and film awareness in central New York. I think the Slate brothers are doing a wonderful job by organizing such festivals.


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