Madison County Tourism, Inc., has an immediate opening for an executive director. 

We are looking for a dynamic individual to lead its tourism promotion efforts in Central New York State.   The Executive Director reports directly to the president, is responsible to the board of directors, and manages the day-to-day activities of the corporation and coordinates staff resources.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Oversees the day to day operations of the corporation, including meeting with staff to coordinate schedules and with the President of the board to discuss corporation business.

·         Serves as an ex-officio member of each committee of the board, helping to coordinate meeting times, agendas and reports back to the full board of directors.  

·         Works to develop consistent and new funding stream, such as member co-ops, a golf tournament and any grants the organization may be eligible for.

·         Prepares the annual budget of the corporation in conjunction with the finance committee for presentation and approval by the board of directors.  Prepares monthly reports for the board of directors pertaining to the fiscal health of the organization.

·         Oversees expenditures approved in the budget, making sure income and expenses are in line with expectations, and making purchasing decisions based upon cash flow.

·         Works with the strategic planning committee to create and adhere to the strategic plan of the corporation.

·         Attends meetings related to important events in Madison County.

·         Directs all marketing and public relations efforts including, marketing plan development, social media, website maintenance and content development, and press relations for the corporation and as such is the officially designated Tourism Promotion Agency (TPA) Representative with Empire State Development and I Love NY and represents the agency at all state mandated TPA meetings and conferences where I Love NY is presenting to the TPA’s.

·         Is the point of contact with the designated marketing agency, and acts as the creative director in making decisions about the scope, design and implementation of ideas.

·         Coordinates with tour companies to create FAM tours which highlight the things to do, places to eat and places to stay for group tours to Madison County.

·         Administers all RFP’s and marketing related purchasing in accordance with the marketing plan.

·         Creates the content, sells the advertising and is the overall project director for the annual Madison County Travel Guide and then coordinates the distribution of the travel guide to ensure the most possible guides are put into visitor hands each year.

·         Works with the office coordinator to develop a slate of travel and trade shows to promote Madison County Tourism.

·         Maintains an extensive photo library and takes new photos on a regular basis to ensure the library is up to date and photography is available for the website, blogs, and travel guide.

·         Acts as a liaison between the board of directors and the Madison County Board of Supervisors and its planning committee.

·         Works with statewide and national organizations to further the legislative goals of the tourism industry that impact small, rural tourism destinations.

·         Works closely with local, state and national politicians to ensure that the concerns of the membership and corporation are known and advocates for or against legislation that impacts the tourism industry in the county.

·         Works with county agencies on projects that involve tourism related themes.

·         Coordinates recruiting businesses to join Madison County Tourism as new members.

·         Coordinates the retention of current members to maintain consistent member dues

·         Sets the dates, secures the locations and coordinates with the office manager for three business after hours mixers, an annual dinner and a fall harvest event.

·         Answers member concerns as it relates to the day to day business of Madison County Tourism.

·         Performs others duties as they arise or assigned by the board of directors.

Minimum Requirements:


A bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, public relations, hospitality or related fields is required; a master’s degree is preferred. 



A minimum of four years work experience in the convention, visitors, hospitality, destination marketing, or communication industries.


Knowledge of:

General use of computers and internet, graphics, multi-media programs and other job related software packages. Excellent writing and speaking skills are a must. Has the ability to relate to the general public, public officials and community leaders. Professional level understanding and experience in marketing, advertising, and communications principles and practices, in the areas of social media, radio, television, internet, magazines, newspapers, video production and print production. 


Skilled in:

Assessing situations and developing strategies to achieve desired results; decision making and problem solving skills. Must establish and maintain effective cooperative working relationships with media, residents, staff, external organizations, business leaders, elected and appointed public officials.


Applicant must be willing to travel to attend workshops, trade shows and training.  Travel includes 4-6 overnight out of town trips per year. 


Applicant must be willing to work weekends, and nights on occasion. 


Interested applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and a salary history to  This position will remain open until filled, but preference will be given to resumes received on or before May 1, 2013.

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