Two of Madison County’s farms welcome you to visit and enjoy all the fun this season has to offer.

Be sure to check out Our Farm, an award-winning family farm in Cazenovia that has an array of activities to offer school children during the week and the public on the weekend throughout October (including Columbus Day).

Visitors can enjoy horse rides, hayrides, the petting zoo, corn maze, U-Pick pumpkins and a catapult!  That’s right, “Boris,” a trebuchet standing 15 feet tall, will throw pumpkins 250 feet into the air to crash-land 200 feet away!

Plus, Our Farm offers four flavors of rhubarb sauce that are made from rhubarb grown on the farm and processed at Nelson Farms.

And just down the road Critz Farms is hosting their 2013 Fall Harvest Celebration. Running now through October 27, they have ongoing activities, special events and festival entertainment.

This year’s corn maze has been designed in cooperation with their friends at Morrisville State College, taking the form of the gigantic Mustang Madness Corn Maze. You’ll have a blast “horsing around” in this challenging maze while you learn more about what makes the Mustangs so special. As usual, you’ll be able to enjoy the maze, find the information stations, and earn a prize!

Other activities include the Critz Critter Animal Area, live music & entertainment on weekends, wagon rides to the apple orchard and pumpkin field (weekends only), U-pick apples and pumpkins, fresh sweet apple cider, hard cider tasting at the Harvest Moon Cidery, Kiddie Corral Playground and Slide Mountain Playground to name a few.

Critz Farms is open Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm—including Columbus Day—and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm.

For more information on the farms, visit www.critzfarms.com and www.fallpumpkinfarm.com.

A spectacular fall foliage season is beginning to wind down, and we probably have peaked for the year.  There are however, some very brilliant colors still on the trees across Madison County.  You will find great photo opportunities in our villages as we are very luck with the number of trees planted there.  The best colors will be north of US Route 20, and the foliage along US Route 20 is on its last legs.  The villages of Cazenovia, Chittenango, Canastota and the city of Oneida all have trees with ample leaves with colors left on them. 
In the woods, the beech trees and oak trees still have their leaves and the oranges and red and brown provide some compelling contrasts.  In the fields, the hard freeze we had earlier this week turned all the corn stalks to a brilliant golden brown.
Take a drive along Route 31 and the south shore of Oneida Lake this weekend too.  Great colors persist there too.  I'm guessing we will have one more week of reports to share with you and then the countdown to snowmobile season (or spring if you wish) begins. 

The colors have been absolutely spectacular this fall here in Madison County and this weekend appears to be our last peak weekend of color.  The best colors will be found north of US Route 20 now.  The southern hills have taken a bit of a beating from the rains, but there are still plenty of colors to see and enjoy in the northern half of the county. 
The ride between Chittenango and Cazenovia on Route 13 is especially stunning right now.  Leaves in the Canastota, Oneida Lake and Oneida areas are all very bright and colorful now too. 
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The drive into the office in Morrisville from Chittenango was spectacular this morning.  It took a little longer than usual because I kept pulling over and taking photos.  That's about what you can expect this weekend if you plan on leaf peeping in Madison County.  Everything in the county, really south of the Fenner Wind Farm is at peak color. The mixture of oranges, reds, and yellows is very impressive this year.  After the dry summer I didn't know what to expect, but this is probably the best color year we have seen in recent memory. 
Once you get north of Fenner, the colors are nearing their peak.  There are a lot of yellows mixed in with some orange and red and still a large amount of green.  It makes for a pretty contrast as well.
Some ideas for places to see the leaves this weekend include Wolf Oak Acres and their Balloons and Bounty Weekend, Golub's Our Farm in Cazenovia, US Route 20 across the entire width of the county , and Oxbow Falls County Park. 
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The color change is in full swing across Madison County, and despite a very dry summer, it look like the colors are going to be nice and bright in a lot of places this weekend.  The cool days we have had this week has really brought out the oranges and reds across the hillsides. 
Some of the best places to check out the leaves this weekend include the Route 20 Scenic By-Way between Morrisville and Cazenovia, and along NYS Route 13 from Cazenovia to Chittenango, including Chittenango Falls State Park. The colors in the hills are about half-way to peak and in the valleys and lower elevations of the northern part of the county the change is about 1/3 of the way to peak.  As always, share with us your fall foliage photos on our Facebook wall! 

It really is that time of year again, time to fill in our blog readers about what the colors look like in the hills and valleys of Madison County.  This morning was a pretty ride into work as the sun was peaking out from behind some rain clouds and lighting up the hillsides between Perryville and Nelson along Nelson Road.  The foliage is just starting its change in Madison County, with about 10% color change overall.  As is the norm, the colors in the southern hills are further along than along the Oneida Lake flat lands in the northern part of the county. Ash trees have progressed the furthest and the maples are just now starting to show some oranges and crimson colors.  It should be a nice fall weekend to enjoy the early stages of the color change and with next weeks cooler temperatures in the forecast it should help hasten the progress along.  As always, send along your fall foliage pictures and we will be glad to post them here on the blog.
You can always check out the I Love NY Fall Foliage Reports to see reports for the whole state. 

It is always sad when we get to this point in the fall season.  Today will be the last report that we do for the 2011 foliage season.  You will still find areas of beautiful leaves across Madison County, but the winds of the last week have restricted those leaves to well sheltered areas.  For instance the west facing hillside along Swamp Road in Morrisville has a lot of yellows and reds in it.  That's the type of foliage that will be the best find this weekend. 
The good news is the weather for Saturday and Sunday looks cool but nice, so there will be ample opportunity to get out and explore, whether it is a hike along the Link Trail or at the Great Swamp Conservancy or if it is a visit to Our Farm or Wolf Oak Acres for their fall harvest festivals.  Enjoy the last weekend of good colors and as always share your photos with us on Facebook.
The colors in the hills of Madison County and Central New York have been spectacular over the past few days.  The great weather over the Columbus Day weekend helped the colors really "pop". 
The best and brightest leaves seem to be coming from soft maples.  They are sporting a bright crimson color like the one in the picture to the left here.  Other prominent colors include orange and yellows.  Some of the best scenery can be found where hardwoods mix with pine and spruce trees.  The contrast of the deep dark green of forest pines and the bright colors of the hardwoods makes for an inspiring sight. 
We had been concerned that the colors this year would not be as bright, but it seems like this is a little longer season than most and they strong colors have come on in the last week. 
Enjoy the colors and as always upload your pictures to our Facebook page by clicking the button to your right.

The fall foliage season is in full swing in Madison County and that means this weekend will be perfect to get out and enjoy it.  Leaf change on average in the county is about 40% so we are approaching the mid-peak range.  Some area are blessed with near peak conditions, but other areas haven't really changed at all yet.  Most of the areas look like this picture taken in Nelson this morning. 
Areas of interest you should check out this weekend include the Cazenovia area especially the Chittenango Creek Gorge, the Brookfield area with tens of thousands of acres of forest, this area is beatuiful this time of year, and also the areas around Eatonbrook and Tuscarora Reservoir.  Water and colors, make for perfect watercolor-esque foliage!

After a couple of weeks with little to no change in the leaf color, it is obvious this week that the change is on its way.  As a whole the entire county sits at about 20% of peak, but there are areas and individual trees that are just amazing with color.  So far the maple trees that have changed are exhibiting bright crimson colors like the tree to the left, which I shot a picture of on the way into work yesterday morning.  The stretch of US Route 20 between Nelson and Morrisville features a stretch of near peak color especially in the swampy ground on the north side of the highway.  With two fall harvest festivals this weekend (Critz Farms in Cazenovia and Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida) along with Wheel Days in Brookfield and a number of live music acts, there are lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy the changing colors.  Remember to take lots of photos and post them on our Facebook page too.  Remember you can always check out the state wide foliage forecast over at the I Love NY webstie