Nearly 50,000 treasure hunters will descend upon the small hamlet of Bouckville this week for the 42nd annual Madison-Bouckville Antique Week.

The largest outdoor antique show in New York State—and the latest in a string of successful events in Madison County this summer—runs Monday August 12 through Sunday August 18.

“We’re really excited about this year’s show,” said John Mancino, president of Madison-Bouckville Promotions, which organizes Antique Week. “The June Antique Show exceeded all of our expectations and we had a great turnout for the first annual Bouckville Classics car show.  This momentum has carried over into Antique Week and helped us book thousands of vendors—it’s going to be a great event.”

Mancino said that more than 2,000 vendors and dealers will line Route 20, setting up on picturesque farm fields alongside local antique shops to create a continuous flow of antiques.  Each will have antiques and collectables of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges available for sale or trade. Admission is free to most fields.

In addition, the Madison County Visitors Center, located on Rt. 20, is among the many lots that offer free parking. A convenient shuttle will be running a continuous loop from the Visitors Center to downtown Bouckville Thursday through Sunday.

Those who attend the show on Tuesday through Friday at noon will beat the crowds and also be eligible to win $500 cash by playing the “Cash Walk.”  Visitors who have their game card stamped at ten participating locations will be entered into a raffle, which will be held Friday at noon in The Gallery Antique Store. The card will be available at the Cider House Antique Shop and, when completed, must be turned in at Troop Scoops.

As is tradition, there will be plenty of food vendors ready to feed hungry shoppers with fare ranging from hamburgers to ice cream to lobster.

For more information on Madison-Bouckville Antique Week, visit www.madison-bouckville.com.

Madison-Bouckville Antique Week is part of a great lineup of summer events in Madison County. For information on lodging, camping, dining, and other arts and entertainment events in Madison County, call 1-800-684-7320 or visit www.madisontourism.com.

If it’s the middle of August, it must be Antique week in Madison and Bouckville. The annual antique show with over 2000 vendors opens on Monday August 13 and runs through Sunday August 19.  It is one of the biggest antique shows in the Northeast and it has quite the reputation of being one of the best among antique dealers and collectors.

During the week, dealers line Route 20 setting up in between the local antique shops so it becomes a continuous flow of antiques. There is no admission cost again this year which makes it a great time to check out what antiquing is all about. Attending the show during the week offers antique collectors a chance to discover exactly what they’re looking for in a relaxing, slower paced shopping environment. There will be food vendors placed along Rt. 20 to take care of the hungry antique shopper. 

There are many places to park throughout the village, some parking lots charge a small fee but there are a couple places that have free parking. The Madison County Visitors Center, located on Rt. 20, offers free parking for up to 200 cars and 20 onsite antique deals to get you started. So get there early and stay all day.  

Returning for the 2012 show is the shuttle service.  The bus will make seven stops from downtown Bouckville to the Madison County Visitor Center.  Now you don’t have to worry about the walking as much, if you get tired, hop on at one of the shuttle stops and ride back to your car.

New this year is the $500 cash giveaway.  When you stop into 10 participating locations Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you will have the opportunity to win $500 in cash from those merchants.  Just make sure you visit them all and get

Take advantage of attending the early show during the week, beat the weekend crowds and come experience the largest outdoor antique show in New York State.

For more information on the August Madison-Bouckville Antique Week, visit www.madison-bouckville.com

Madison-Bouckville Antique Week is part of a great lineup of events in Madison County this summer.  For hotels, restaurants and other arts and entertainment venues in Madison County call 800-684-7320 or visit our website at www.madisontourism.com.

Coming off of a highly successful 2011 Madison Bouckville Antique Show, the shops in and around Madison and Bouckville have decided to have a pre-holiday open house event in November. 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 4-6th over 15 shops will be open special hours for your shopping delight.  You will find art, furniture, antiques, cut glass, handmade items and more. 
The shops will be open from 1-7 on Friday and from 10-6 on both Saturday and Sunday. 
For more information on the event visit the promoter's website. 

It was a very busy week in Madison and Bouckville for the 40th annual Madison Bouckville Antique Week.  The show received good reviews from dealers and visitors and the hotels and restaurants of Madison County had a very successful week too.  Be sure to mark your calendar for next year's show August 13-19, 2012 Here is a recap of stories from around the internet.
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A great day for golf here in Madison County.  Weather today looks like it is headed for the low to mid 80's.  Summertime is such a nice reward for our sometimes brutal winters.  There are a few links and stories out there this morning to share with you, so without further ado, here we go:

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The Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes Madison Bouckville Antique Week will continue with its 40th  year.  This year’s show week will be   August 15-21, 2011.   Madison Bouckville Promotion was formed in November 2010 when it was announced that the original promoter of the Madison Bouckville Antique Show, Jock Hengst, was retiring and had sold is show field to a local farmer.  The future of the New York State’s largest outdoor antique festival was in jeopardy and in need of new leadership and a community wide effort.  Over the 40 years ago the original show promoter and a handful of others started the show in a small airfield on Rt. 20 center in the towns of Madison and Bouckville. During these four decades the show grew from that small field to what today is the largest outdoor antique event in New York State.   Today Madison Bouckville Promotions is proud and pleased to announce that this year’s show will continue in 2011 and for years to come.  Over the last 7 months the organization held monthly meetings, worked with local governmental leaders and sought new sponsorship for the events continuation.  We are excited to announce that Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes have come on board as the official Title Sponsor.  The association members are greatly appreciative that Nice N Easy President and CEO John MacDougall agreed to come on board.  We are extremely pleased that Nice N Easy, a Madison County based business with 80 stores across New York State.  This is an important partnership as

The Nice N Easy Madison Bouckville Antique Week’s economic impact for Madison County and the entire region brings over 45,000 visitors to the county each August.  This economic impact brings benefits to local retailers, hotels, restaurants and business from Utica & Rome to Syracuse and Central New York.  In addition both Madison County and New York State benefit through the sales tax revenues generated by our over 2100 vendors on site at our over 35 antique show fields. 

Answer: Over 1,200 antique dealers in a two-mile stretch of US Route 20. Question: What can I expect to find at the Bouckville Antique Week this August?

The demise of the Madison Bouckville Antique show has been greatly exaggerated. Plans for the 2011 edition are coming together nicely, and at this early point, it looks like the annual show may be better than it has been in years. New this year, all of the show field promoters along US Route 20 have come together to coordinate a better show for all involved. This year's show will officially start on Tuesday the 16th of August and run through the following Sunday, but you will find dealers setting up in town and selling as early as Saturday the 13th. There will be plenty of free admission to the show and even free parking in places.

To find out how to rent a space at the shows this year, contact the Madison Bouckville Antique Promoters Association. They will be able to point you to the field that will best suit your needs. For information on spending the night in Madison County during the antique show, contact Madison County Tourism at 800-684-7320.


Everyone loves a good rumor.  Especially when it includes the failure of a private business to pull off something special.  The rumor of the week seems to be that the Results Group of Syracuse does not have a signed lease on the antique fields along US Route 20 in Bouckville. Or another version seems to be that they do have a lease, but they have not paid any money towards that lease.  We are here today to tell you that to the best of our knowledge those rumors are FALSE. 
Madison County Tourism, Inc. has independently confirmed with both the legal owner of the show fields, the Carharts of Hamilton, and with the Results Group, the promoter renting the fields, that yes a lease is in existence and yes the required down payment has been made on time and in full by TRG to the Carharts.  
The 2011 Madison Bouckville Antique Week is full speed ahead.  We expect that it will be bigger than it has been in years with signed vendor contracts, not only on the main field, but on the ancillary fields pacing ahead of the past few years.  There is a good buzz in many sectors about the show.  It is unfortunate that someone, or a number of people would rather spread unfounded rumors about the demise of the show than embrace the growing success of the biggest visitor attraction in Madison County.  We here at Madison County Tourism are thrilled at the efforts put forth by all of the individual show field owners and we look forward to our best show ever. 
On a side note, you better book your hotel rooms now, as they are going fast.  See you in August in Bouckville!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity surrounding the annual Madison Bouckville Outdoor Antique Festival.  It came as a surprise to many when longtime promoter Jock Hengst sold the fields to a local dairy farmer.  Well last night good news came out that that farmer would be leasing the fields to a Syracuse based events promoter who desires to put on an Antique Show similar in size and scope to the long running Madison Bouckville Outdoor Antique Show.  That promoter is the Results group and they sent out a press release this morning:

During an organizational meeting of the Madison Bouckville Antique Dealers Association on Wednesday evening it was announced that The Results Group, a Syracuse, NY based event marketing firm, has signed a multi-year agreement to lease the site of the former Madison Bouckville Antique Show.
Tom Tarry, President of The Results Group said we are delighted to be a part of such a first class event.  I am originally from Madison County, having been born in Oneida, New York, and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.  The residents of Madison County owe a debt of gratitude to Ed and Tori Carhart, the new owners of the show site.  I am convinced, though they would never admit it, that there were other, more financially rewarding options for this property but they chose to use the land to further the development of the week-long antique event.  We must also tip our hat to Cindy and Jock Hengst, the founders of the Madison Bouckville Antique Show, for their tireless commitment to creating and nurturing this very important event.  We wish them well in their well deserved future endeavors.
Jim Walter, Executive Director of Madison County Tourism said We are very excited to learn that the Results Group will be promoting an antique festival as part of the overall Madison Bouckville Antique Week in August 2011 on the original Outdoor Antique Show fields.  The annual antique week has an economic impact on our community of well over $1.5 million.  It accounts for over $360,000 in hotel sales in Madison County during that week, and fills our restaurants, not to mention the boutique stores in places such as Hamilton and Cazenovia along route 20.  In fact the show has a regional impact selling hotel rooms from Utica to Syracuse and Rome to Norwich.  The Results Groups involvement ensures that Antique Week will continue to provide the best outdoor antiquing experience in all of New York State and will continue to help drive our local economy.  We are looking forward to working with them and all the show promoters to grow the festival in the coming years.

The Results Group is a Syracuse, NY based event marketing firm producing events including Empire Brewfest, the Taste of Rochester, the Syracuse Golf Show, the Long Island Golf Show and many others.